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ibex land clearing Kikuyu grass on a steep bank
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Image by Ochir-Erdene Oyunmedeg


Reasons for clearing land can be vast, from the straight-up aesthetics to fire risk safety.  Clearing land makes way for healthy soil and gives you options to reseed, plant or landscape. 

Overgrown land is unusable and unproductive. Left to its own devices, it grows out of control and becomes difficult or even dangerous to clear. The sooner you act, the better.

Ibex Clearing Gorse on 60º slope
ibex cleared 60º slope of kikuyu grass


ibex provides an expert service clearing vegetation, using leading technology developed in Germany. With the Irus Deltrak tool carrier we clear land safely on farms, lifestyle blocks, roadsides, orchards and more - on slopes up to 60º.

From slope mowing and clearing gorse to grinding stumps away, the all-terrain Irus Deltrak will tackle it all. Overgrown land, bamboo, wilding pine, woolly nightshade, blackberry, kikuyu can all be cleared, quickly efficiently and safely.  

Still Life


We specialise in clearing unwanted vegetation and stumps.  ibex is dedicated to providing a professional service to help you achieve your goals.  We will work with you throughout the process to ensure the end result is land, ready for repurpose.


Forget the back-breaking labour of land clearing with weed eaters or swinging an axe at a stump.  This is time-consuming, ineffective and potentially dangerous.

ibex uses the Irus Deltrak 50v3 manufactured in Germany - purpose-built to go where others can't.  Safe, small and powerful, it leaves minimal impact on your land. It can handle anything from flat land to steep slopes up to 60° - the steepest on the market. 

ibex land clearing ready to tackle Gorse & Blackberry
Mulching Grass on Steep slopes

Slope Mowing

Mowing / Mulching  Vegetation 

Steep Slope Clearing Gorse

Land Clearing

Tackling the bigger stuff like gorse and blackberry

Stump Grinding in Motion

Stump Grinding

Grinding stumps, below ground level


Mole Plough

Installing Dripelines for wastewater disposal.

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