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Irus Deltrak 50V3 Working the steep slopes.

For those that like the tech - below outlines the machine at the forefront of ibex land clearing.

Irus Deltrak 50V3 - Tool Carrier

What Powers the 50V3

- Diesel Engine 

  • Doosan 3-cylinder common-rail turbo diesel engine

  • Exhaust level: EU level V / EPA TIER 4 final 37 kW (50 HP)

  • Water-cooled, electric starter, operating hours counter, oil and temperature monitor

How Fast? 

- Multidirectional 

Forward: 0 - 10 km/h | Reverse: 0 - 10 km/h Maximum speed is continuously adjustable via rotary potentiometer on the hand held transmitter

How big is the 50V3?

- Dimensions

  • 1940 x 1300 - 1150 HighStandard

  • 1940 x 1700 - 1150 With Track width extended. 

What Drives the Tracks


  •  80 litres at max. 350 bar

  • Hydraulic crawler running gear with direct drive Proportional speed control of each crawler running gear via remote control both forward and reverse.

What's the Track Width

- Adjustable 

Optional Hydraulic Track Width Adjustment:

Adjustable from 1300 – 1700 mm Max. slope incline (depending on subsoil): Up to 60° with applicable equipment

How Heavy is the 50V3?

- Weight

  • 1100 - 1200 Basic 

  • Up-to 1800kg with implement and counterweights. 

Ibex about to remove Gose

The Tools 

Forest Mulcher with Fixed Square Carbide Teeth

Forestry Clearing 

• forest rotor
• fixed square carbide cutting teeth
• teeth can be replaced singly
• hydraulic front panel
• axial piston bent axle motor

Land Clearing Tool - Forestry Mulcher

XHD Flail Mower 130 - Flail Hammer 

Mulching & Mowing 

• double spiral rotor
• SIMPLEX XHD pruning hammers
• adjustable trailing roller and skids
driven via axial piston motor

XHD Flail Mower 130 - Flail Hammer 

Stump Grinder

Grinding Stumps below ground level. 

  • Solid steel cutting wheel

  • Cutting diameters of 400mm

  • Round carbide cutting teeth

  • driven by axial piston bent axis motor

ibex land clearing - Stump Grinder
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