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Slope Mowing

Slope Mowing 

Overgrown grass becomes difficult to maintain, especially in hard to reach places.  With the XHD Flail Mower / Mulcher implement we can service flat land and slopes up to 60º.  From mowing grass to mulching orchard prunings, our services provide a safe and effective solution for all your vegetation management.


We can maintain a variety of areas including road sides, farms, lifestyle blocks, commercial properties and properties for sale.

Our equipment is remote controlled up to 200m, keeping the operator safe at all times. 

We can adjust our track width between 1.3m too 1.7m  to fit into those smaller gaps, and have better stability on the steeper slopes.


The Irus Deltrack weighs less than most tractors, leaving a smaller footprint on your land. 

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Land Clearing
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Land Clearing

Using our forestry clearer with fixed square carbide teeth, we can attack unwanted growth including Gorse, Blackberry, Bamboo, Kikuyu and Wilding Pine. If you have vegetation not listed here just ask

The forestry clearing implement shreds vegetation, we can cut to the requested height or scalp the ground to give you more options. The shredded remains are left in place to break down back into the soil. 

Yes thats right, still via remote control on slopes up to 60°.

Although growth can come back, clearing it prepares the land for further productivity and easier maintenance. 


We can discuss your options at a free on-site quote.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Removing stumps is important in looking after your land, as they become a home for pests such as wasps, ants and termites.  Rotting tree stumps can spread disease to other plants, and also become a trip hazard.

The ibex stump grinder with round carbide teeth, will leave fine tailings which compost down efficiently, and fill in the area voided by the stump.  Any extra tailings can be used as mulch on the garden.

This clears that area of land so you have the choice to re-seed, landscape, or build that shed you always wanted.

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